HealthBridge manages chronic conditions for a better quality of life.

Our nurses help patients navigate today’s complex healthcare system, avoiding preventable emergency visits and hospitalizations.

The healthcare challenges we face are many…

Does care outside your doctor’s office seem complicated, and are you left with unanswered questions?


Do you feel like you’ve been left to manage your conditions without the information and support you need?


You need a trusted and responsive partner that can answer your questions and get you the right resources.

… but we’re here to help.

We are here to answer your questions, coordinate with your doctor, and make sure you get the care you need.


We check in regularly to make sure you’re doing well and navigate the system when your not. 


We’re your advocates helping solve healthcare issues with medications, appointments, and equipment.

Working with Payors to Keep Patients Healthy

Our program is outcomes-driven. By stabilizing chronic conditions, we reduce emergency visits and hospital admissions. We maintain healthier, happier patients by managing risk and promoting engagement.

Working with Providers to Remotely Monitor Patients

With regular device monitoring, in-home visits, and telemedicine follow-ups, we keep patients engaged with the managing physician’s plan of care.


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What We Do

  • Meet with patients in the home to get a holistic assessment of their healthcare.

  • Collect and analyze data to mitigate risk and early detection of compensation.

  • Encourage the lifestyle changes needed for positive outcomes.

  • Actively reconcile patient medications.

  • Encourage the proper use and function of medical equipment.

  • Manage the care for a population of patients, with insight into what really puts individuals and groups at risk.

HealthBridge partners with patients, their families, and other care providers to coordinate complex, high-quality care. We take a holistic approach to provide patients with tailored care that helps them manage their chronic conditions better.

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